Jews nationwide have been involved in protecting abortion rights, but Florida’s Jews have been uniquely positioned as leaders in their state.

We look forward to building coalitions with people of all faiths and backgrounds, including atheists and freethinkers, to repair the wall of separation between church and state and to unite the people of the world to protect human rights and save our precious planetJTA — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ratcheted up the fight over the state’s looming 15-week abortion ban Thursday when he suspended a Tampa-area state attorney who had vowed not to prosecute violations.

Trump Appointees to the Supreme Court Should Be Impeached  as the fruit of the poisonous tree.

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The Supreme Court justices selected by Donald Trump have revealed themselves to be unfit for this exalted sinecure by rejecting established precedent on abortion, dismantling the wall of separation between church and state, allowing mentally deranged killers access to weapons of war, and permitting the ravaging of our planet by stripping government agencies of the power to prevent excess greed and avarice from destroying our only home through climate change and other assaults

Rabbi Barry Silver vs. Governor DeSantis et al.

In an historic filing, Rabbi Barry Silver sues the State of Florida over religious freedom.

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MARCI A. HAMILTON writes about the Florida Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Rabbi Barry's lawsuit


The Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor, a Jewish synagogue in Florida, has sued the state saying that Florida’s new restrictive abortion laws violate their religious faith. As a matter of faith, they reject the notion that life begins at conception and further believe that the pregnant person’s health and life matter. To be sure, the Satanic Temple has filed similar cases in particularly restrictive states over the last decade, but mainstream religions have been sitting on the sidelines as restrictions in a number of states have become increasingly inconsistent with their faiths.

L’Dor Va-Dor’s legal theory is that the Florida Religious Freedom Restoration Act (“RFRA”) gives them the right to challenge state laws that substantially burden their faith. They are absolutely correct: a RFRA hands the believer the power to invalidate a law that burdens their religious beliefs, and that includes abortion laws. Their argument has heft in that a state law that affirmatively prevents medical treatment to save the life or health of a pregnant person is surely a substantial burden on their belief in the right of the pregnant to live.


Rabbi Arthur Waskow joins the fight! 

Legendary Jewish leader joins abortion rights movement

We are excited to announce that Jewish icon and messenger of peace to the people of the world, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, founder and leader of The Shalom Center, has joined the battle for women’s autonomy, religious freedom and abortion rights.

For decades Rabbi Arthur Waskow has spoken with moral clarity and prophetic zeal on behalf of the poor and oppressed.  In the aftermath of the overthrow of Roe v. Wade, Rabbi Waskow applieS his eloquence and leadership to take on self-righteous whited sepulchers who seek to impose their misogynistic right-wing Christian views upon Jews, women and everyone else.
With Rabbi Waskow’s clarion voice for human rights, the legal case to protect abortion rights is elevated to a  whole new level.
We hope to see a groundswell of support from other Jewish organizations, as well as from people of all faiths and creeds who look to Rabbi Waskow and The Shalom Center as a source of inspiration and hope.  We will move forward with renewed vigor in our fight to restore religious freedom, women’s autonomy and the integrity of the family in America by challenging HB 5 in Florida and similar laws throughout the country.  

New York Times


Synagogue Sues Florida, Saying Abortion Restrictions Violate Religious Freedoms



Florida's new abortion law violates religious freedom, a synagogue's lawsuit says

Al Jazeera

As a synagogue sues Florida over a new abortion law, experts say faith could be at the heart of ‘post-Roe’ abortion defence.


Rabbi Barry Silver explains impetus for abortion lawsuit against state of Florida

RAbbi Silver on NPR's National Program "The 1a" July 14

July 14, 2022

Florida this week

Here you can watch Rabbi Barry on PBS's "Florida This Week"

Learn more about Rabbi Barry's new initiative H.E.A.R.T

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