Peace Proposal for Israel and Palestine

For Israel and the Palestinians on the West Bank

For the Palestinians in the West Bank, Israel will support the creation of a free and independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and will stop all further settlements there once the West Bank Palestinians acknowledge the right of the Jewish people to a homeland in Israel under its current boundaries exclusive of the West Bank and Gaza. 


Both parties shall recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, the spiritual capital of the Jewish people, and the capital of the newly created Palestinian state.   The boundaries of this capital shall consist of the areas now inhabited by the Israelis and the Palestinian Arabs respectively.  The Jewish part of the capital shall include, but not be limited to the Western Wall and the Palestinians shall maintain control, access and authority over the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


For Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza

Israel will agree to an immediate cease fire and a withdrawal of its forces from Gaza, once Hamas returns the hostages, disarms and/or destroys its weapons, and agrees to live in peace with Israel.  If all the above is accomplished, and Hamas disbands, and/or changes its Charter to remove all anti-Semitic references, all calls for violence against Jews and Israel and recognizes the right of Jews to live in a free and independent homeland with its current boundaries, then Israel will agree to the establishment of Gaza as part of a free and independent Palestinian state. 


If Hamas is unwilling to do all the above, then Israel will invite America and the free world to join its effort to free the hostages, and to liberate the Palestinian people, Israel and the world from Hamas.  If America and the free world are unwilling to act, then Israel shall continue its efforts to disband and eliminate Hamas, striving to minimize injury and death to civilians as much as possible.  This effort shall seek international support for the complete and total isolation of Hamas from all military, financial and moral support from any outside power.


Jerusalem will be restored as the City of Peace for the world.

Once peace is achieved between Israel and the Palestinians on the West Bank, they shall declare Jerusalem once again to be the historic City of Peace for all nations and peoples of the world as proclaimed by prophets and sages of antiquity and today.  Both parties shall further announce to the world that as Israel and the Palestinians have resolved their conflict through peaceful means, it is also possible for all parties in conflict and for people of all races, religions, creeds and ethnic backgrounds to achieve peace and harmony among them.  Such peaceful resolution of conflict will bring happiness, prosperity and spiritual uplift to the parties in the Middle East and is also essential to the wellbeing, sustainability and continued existence of humanity on Earth.    


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