Rabbi's Activism 

Rabbi Barry Silver is applauded for urging the County Commission to protect our planet by preserving Agricultural Land in Palm Beach County

An unique & memorable experience August 31, 2022


An Activist from an early age! 





 With the acronym "CONCERN".  An 8 year old Barry Silver spread the word to his brothers and then to the kids in the neighborhood.  They asked all the neighbors to put their newspapers in paper bags or tie them with string and the neighborhood kids collected the newspapers and their dad, Rabbi Sam Silver brought them down to the recycling place in Stamford. They did this for at least a few years It was mentioned in the newspaper and on radio.

Gun Control

A passionate supporter of gun control in America. 

 Video in response to Parkland shooting in 2018



He speaks up for the voiceless animals

"Let us love all of nature's wonderful creatures: our fellow inhabitants of Spaceship Earth"

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Interfaith relations

Outreach to Christians, Muslims, Buddhists

Rabbi engages in frequent conversations with all faiths. 

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