Religion and politics are the cause and potential cure of anti-Semitism



Like all diseases, anti-Semitism can be cured when properly diagnosed and treated.


Most people think the causes of anti-Semitism are inscrutable, due to inexplicable hatred that lurks within the human heart.  However, there is no such hatred for other minorities such as lefties, bowlers or blue-eyed people. The cause of anti-Semitism is blindingly obvious once we are willing to confront the politically correct, but religiously erroneous assumptions of the dominant forces in the world.


Religion is responsible for anti-Semitism with its lethal “replacement theory”, where Christians and Muslims claim to have replaced the Jews as God’s chosen, as well as its original “conspiracy theory”, where Christian Scripture asserts as “Gospel truth” that Jews conspired with their father the devil, and the dominant power of this world, the Roman Empire, to commit the most heinous, vicious crime in human history, the torture and murder of the son of God, perpetrated by people so diabolical that they could manipulate Rome to do their bidding.  Both synagogue shooters cited Christian Scripture as their motivation to kill Jews. The name of the betrayer of Jesus, “Judas”, has come to mean “traitor” and is Latin for “Jew”. He is as made-up as the diverse versions of his death described in the gospels.  In the fabricated story of Barabbas, “the Jews” were said to cry out to Pontius Pilate, (who in reality needed no prompting to be barbaric) “crucify Jesus and may his blood be upon us and upon our children”.  Millions of Jews have been murdered due to this lie which is based on a fictitious Roman custom to release a Jewish prisoner at Passover which historians know never happened.


While most rabbis and Jewish leaders are cowed into submission, Christian theologians, pastors and scholars such as Bishop Shelby Spong, Pastor Fritz Aufdencamp and James Carroll have observed that anti-Semitism is as much a foundation to Christianity as the flying buttress is to the Catholic church, and that religious apartheid in the afterlife, leads to persecution of Jews in this life.


Renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens observed how tragic it is that we are still killing each other over ancient literature as the “religious” fight over whose imaginary father in the sky loves them best.  As all parents should know, it is wrong to favor one child over another, yet this parental dysfunction is attributed to God, who naturally chooses their group as his favorite.  The tragic, but inevitable result of this celestial sibling rivalry among Abraham’s children is Christians and Muslims waging war on each other and both of them massacring the hapless, numerically weaker Jews at their whim, with jealousy of their elder theological brother adding fuel to the fire.  As Cain slew his brother Abel to have his father’s affection all to himself, Jews have often been targeted for annihilation at times of social unrest by their more zealous coreligionists who continue to “raise Cain” to this day.  


Ironically, the Jews conceived of the lethal chosen people concept, albeit, chosen to serve others and usher in an era of peace, but this favored status also led them to believe that they were commanded to kill non-believers in God’s name in the holy land.  This divine sanction to kill infidels metastasized in Christianity and Islam whose flocks of mindless minions have been killing non-believers not just in the “holy land” but wherever they could be found for centuries.


The cure for this ancient hatred is easy to understand but requires a radical transformation of religion from blind faith in a supernatural God to rational faith in reason and science, in order to liberate humanity from being “myth”led, “myth”informed and “myth”guided by primitive legends.  Most people prefer believing what they wish to be true, rather than what is true, and religious leaders readily take advantage of this human weakness to gain money and power, or simply to make a living, promising eternal bliss to gullible followers while Jews, free-thinkers and other heretics burn in hell forever.


While the ADL does a great job of monitoring and chronicling the symptoms of anti-Semitism with lots of statistics and solemn admonitions that “There is no place for hate”, they refuse to challenge the sacred cows of their main funding sources, i.e., Jews and Christians, and thus they leave plenty of room for hate in the powerful realms of politics and religion, the main sources of anti-Semitism.


To cure anti-Semitism, the Republican Party must reject the most dangerous anti-Semite of all, Donald Trump, not because he has become the “biggest loser” but because they no longer should be an “apprentice” to a Hitler wannabe who spreads hate throughout America.  If the analogy seems extreme, let facts be submitted to a candid world.  Trump gained popularity with large rallies where he railed against immigrants, socialists, liberals and globalists (code name for Jews), he espouses the anti-Semitic QANON, offers fascism to deal with rising inflation and loss of national prestige, Trump adopted the slogan “America First” which is the name of the pro-Nazi movement in the United States that sought to keep America out of WWII, and is the American equivalent to Hitler’s “Deutschland Uber Alles” (Germany First), he praises good people on both sides in Charlottesville, when one side is shouting “Jews will not replace us”, he unapologetically invites notorious anti-Semites like Ye and Nick Fuentes as honored guests to dine with him at Mar-A-Lago, traffics in Holocaust denial by failing to mention Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day, equates loyalty to him with loyalty to America, punishing his enemies and denouncing the media, he supports violence to achieve his ends, debauches science and women; Trump launched an unsuccessful violent assault on the Capitol backed by anti-Semitic hate groups, which was eerily similar to Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, Trump seeks to impose a Christian theocracy and Hitler sought a Christian third Reich, Trump placed a picture in the oval office of his Presidential role model, Andrew Jackson, who fought against America in support of slavery, and orchestrated a death march for Native Americans after confiscating their land in defiance of the Supreme Court, Trump smears Jews with tropes about their love of money and accuses them of disloyalty, and Trump suggested the Constitution be suspended to ensure his election, just as Hitler suspended the Constitution of the Weimar Republic to seize absolute power. 


While Trump’s legions of lunatics, armies of the absurd, and millions of mindless minions support his every outrage, even shooting a hypothetical person on 5th Avenue, to save America from fascism, Trump and his anti-Semitism must be soundly defeated as it was with the defeat of Trump’s protégé Herschel Walker in Georgia.   The Republicans created a Frankenstein who is hell-bent on destroying its maker and our nation if we don’t stop him. John Adams warned his generation not to fall prey to “trumpery” (foolishness/deception) and we would do well to heed his advice today.


Einstein said, “science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind. If we replace blind faith with “InspiRational” spirituality, guided by the magnificent revelations of science and religious ideals, we can create the world dreamed of by visionaries and prophets.


Anti-Semitism and other social ills such as the environmental crisis, war, ignorance and poverty, can be cured by rational thinking, which today is rare in politics and religion.  When God is viewed scientifically as the awesome, wondrous creative process within all, that unites all and that transcends all, constantly changing what is into what could be, rather than as a celestial dictator who punishes free thinking, then humanity may begin to mature and see ourselves as one family on this pale blue dot, whose origins were forged over eons of evolution and struggle through natural selection.  On that day, religion could build bridges of understanding, knock down walls of separation and help humanity to work together to save our precious planet from ourselves and to liberate the human mind, indomitable spirit and innate tendency to cooperate to end hate, prejudice and other plagues of mankind, and to bring out the great potential for goodness in our species and in us all. 



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