The legal team representing Rabbi Barry Silver and Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor will be strengthened by the addition of attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, who will assist L’Dor Va-Dor and others in our battle to restore abortion rights and freedom of religion to Florida by declaring HB5 unconstitutional.
Daniel Uhlfelder is a Stanford and Florida-educated lawyer with 25 years of legal experience who has dedicated his life to fighting for civil rights. Daniel was referred to by the media as Ron DeSantis’ “chief tormentor” after he gained national fame for protesting DeSantis’ COVID mismanagement while dressed as the grim reaper. Recently, Daniel made national news for taking on the fight against the book bannings sweeping Florida. Through his work as an attorney, his political advocacy, and his campaign for Florida Attorney General, Daniel is deeply committed to our shared values of freedom and justice.
Daniel’s great grandparents were murdered in the Holocaust, while his grandfather survived. Daniel’s family story instills within him the need to stand up for the Jewish people at the first signs of oppression and to always fight against the marginalization of Jews, women, or anyone else, rather than wait until it is too late. Daniel is joining this team because he sees the assault on women’s rights and freedom of religion as fundamentally anti-democratic and unconstitutional.
It is a pleasure to join forces with the “grim reaper” as we seek the demise of anti-abortion laws in Florida and across the nation, so we can reap the benefits of a world where all religions are respected and women are free to enjoy the pleasures, joys, and blessings of motherhood out of love and choice, not due to force and tyranny.
“While women’s rights and religious freedoms are under attack, Rabbi Barry Silver and Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor have decided to fight back,” said North Florida attorney Daniel Uhlfelder. “I am proud to join this important lawsuit as co-counsel as we work to restore the fundamental human rights that unjust abortion bans have stripped away. This case cuts to the core of who I am as an attorney: I will always fight for freedom, justice, our constitution, and human rights. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do that alongside Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor.”
For more information contact Rabbi Barry Silver at or (561) 302-1818 or Daniel Uhlfelder at 850-534-0246 or


Rabbi Barry Silver, Esq.    (561) 302-1818
Spiritual leader of Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor in Boynton Beach, Florida
Founder of Cosmic Judaism uniting science and religion
Member of the Florida Legislature 1996-1998.
Who’s Who of American Law since 2000 practicing environmental and civil rights law

RAbbi Barry's Legal Victories


In the early 1990s, Barry Silver represented at no charge the National Organization for Women against Operation Rescue, abortion vigilantes backed by Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who were terrorizing abortion clinics across America.  Barry Silver was the first to use civil RICO (racketeering law) against abortion vigilantes which resulted in a large attorney fee award against the defendants which dried up all their support and ended these clinic blockades forever.   For his efforts, Barry Silver was named "Feminist of the year" by the local chapter of the National Organization for Women.
In awarding Barry Silver over $200,000 in attorney's fees for his pro bono representation, the court explained in the attached Order:
"This is a public interest case." (page 1)
"There are few attorneys that would have undertaken this case as a pure contingency case, probably none in this circuit  other than Mr. Silver who would have seen it through to the end." (page 1) 
At the beginning, anyone taking it would have expected a maximum effort by the other side in and outside of the legal arena.  For example, Mr. Silver had to defend against Bar complaints.  He had damage done to his automobile.."  (page 1 and 2)
"Time and labor was considerable.  The difficulty of this case is reflected in the number of hours it generated.    The requisite skill necessary required an experienced attorney in civil rights matters dedicated to the case"  (page 3).
"The results were very significant.  The benefits did not apply to a private individual but applied to the public at large in Palm Beach County."  (page 4)
"The experience, reputation and ability of the attorney are well known in the area for undertaking cases of this type."  (page 4)


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